Welcome To The Pity Party, I Hope You Brought The Chips.

Posted by DmentD | Aggravation,Domestica,Stress | Friday 16 February 2007 10:45 pm

Prepare to be uncomfortable.  Feel free to look at your shoes, I don’t expect eye contact.

I’m a little drunk, I’m a little amorous, and I’m very alone.  I seem to quote a lot these days, so here’s to Meatloaf: “Two out of three ain’t bad”.

I got no one to snuggle, to keep me warm, to be there in the morning when I wake up.  Hooray!  Ain’t life grand.  The house is quiet and I have an empty bed to rock me to sleep.  You want the definition of misery, this is it.  Look it up in the dictionary, there’s a lovely picture of me… showing my good side too!

And tomorrow is another day.  Likely this will pass, and I’ll be fine for a few days.  Resilient, that’s me.  I always bounce back, except that I feel like a damned yo-yo these days.  Stamp “Duncan” on my ass and make sure my string isn’t wound too tight or it might snap.

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