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New cake in the Cake Gallery.


Whole Lotta Caking Going On.

Posted by DmentD | Cakes,Links,Pictures | Monday 20 August 2007 8:40 pm

Whoa nelly!  Finally added the latest batch of cakes to the Cake Gallery.  There are eight (8) new cakes in there… I, um, was quite lax about adding the cakes as I went along, and, um, well, I kinda, sorta just got around to adding them… so only a few of these are the “latest” batch.  The rest are just catch-up.

But, they are in there now, and that catches me up on posting all my cake pictures.  Whew!  That’s a lotta’ damn work.

Go.  Now.  Enjoy!


Modern Schoolhouse Rock?

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Read a motherfucking book!


You. Book. Buy. Read.

Posted by DmentD | Coolness,Family,Links | Friday 27 July 2007 1:08 pm

Holy crap!  My brother has self-published a book and it’s available on  Go buy it.  In doing so you will help him make back his investment, encourage him to write more, generally be a good person, and will die with one less malignant stain on your otherwise putrid soul.

The book can be got HERE


Quick, Dirty… Undead.

Posted by DmentD | Entertainment,Links | Thursday 5 April 2007 9:28 pm

Another quick post, another link.  I promise, some real content is coming.  Eventually.

You guys know I’m a sucker for zombies.  Liberally mix in a little humor and I’m orgasmic (Shawn of the Dead, anyone?).  Stumbled across a new on-line comic called Hockey Zombie (link pops to the first comic).  How can you not like something with dialog like this:

Kurt: I can’t believe you had sex with a zombie!
Chris: I just pretended she was deaf and mean.
Kurt: You didn’t even use protection, did you?!
Chris: She said she was on the pill!
Chris: I’m all like “Jeez lady… I’m not into that Marv Albert shit” … and she’s all “UNG!  UNG!

Read.  Enjoy.  G’fuckyerselves.


Her Humps.

Posted by DmentD | Entertainment,Links | Tuesday 3 April 2007 7:55 am

Oh.  My.  Science.

This…  THIS is likely the best parody I have seen/heard in quite some time.  And from a mainstream artist, too.

I have a newfound respect for Alanis Morissette.


Recipes Are For Eating.

Posted by DmentD | Cooking,Links | Sunday 18 March 2007 9:12 pm

Been trying to really get into micro-managing my food intake the last week or so in an effort to change my eating habits for the better, and to be able to get to a point in the foreseeable future where I can do that without thinking too hard about it.  As a result I’ve been developing/reworking (reworking = stealing from another source and adapting to my liking) some recipes that I can use to keep my weekly meal plan lively and not a bore.  I’ve been adding the few that I have to the Recipe Library, and as a result anyone interested can benefit from my hard work.  I list the number of servings and the big 4 macro nutrients (calories, fats, carbohydrates and proteins) in the body of the recipe for reference.

The first two to make it in are Teriyaki Chicken and Scallop Stir-Fry.  If you want to easily find the specific recipes I’m adding for meal planning, just do a search for “calorie” and select “instructions”.



The Avenue.

Posted by DmentD | Links,Reflection | Wednesday 14 February 2007 12:37 pm

I stumbled across a site today that is the home of a photographer who captures the historic architecture of St. Louis.  He made a pass through New Orleans late in 2006 and did a pictorial architecture tour called On The Road In New Orleans.

These photographs simultaneously made me more homesick than I have been in a year, and broke my heart.  As I sat there scrolling through the images, I could tell you almost precisely where every one was taken, from which corner and what you would see if you turned your head left or right.  I saw landmarks that I took for granted for over thirty years of my life.  I saw pictures of a city that made my heart skip a beat for the longing to return and put down stakes again.

Within most of these pictures, I saw destruction and decay.  I saw a city that had been abandoned by all but the hearts of those who have no other choice than to stay and pick up what pieces they can — a city that care forgot.  There were images to remind me why I choose not to go back, a city ravaged by crime, corruption and filth — plagues that existed before I was born but have been magnified and brought into sharp relief by a catastrophe.  I fear every day for the health and safety of the family and friends who remain there.  I wait for that call, the one to tell me someone I know has been robbed and killed, or hit by a stray bullet.  I read the local news every day and wonder why they haven’t burned most of the city down and bulldozed the ashes flat to make way for a brighter future.

New Orleans is where I was born and raised — it’s in my blood, heart and soul.  I don’t know that I will ever return, though… certainly not for a very long while.  But no matter where I live, no matter where I plant a flag and claim as my own, I’ll always be from New Orleans.  Like Fred LeBlanc says “It’s so hard to take this hurt and hide it on a shelf, it’s just cause I never want to be from somewhere else.”

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