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Now you’ve gone and done it.  You’re standing in the very part of my brain that borders between unfiltered thoughts and emotions, and the rational part that autonomically filters said thoughts and emotions into piles marked “trash”, “relevant”, “irrelevant”, “vocalize” and “internalize”.  Be sure to wipe your feet, lest you track in some dirt.

This is my domain.  This is my web site.  This is my blog.

The blog you are reading is a rag-tag collection of the things that rattle through my brain at any given moment.   I am committing thoughts to text here so that I may accomplish many things.   First, it amuses me to write, I enjoy it immensely.   Second, there are some concepts that just must be vocalized, so to speak, in order for them to gain substance and weight — there are also some things that must be said, and occasionally the best medium is the written word.   Third, owing to a memory like a colander, I catalog important thoughts here in a public reference format.  Fourth, writing is very therapeutic, and it helps me to work through some tough times — demons need to be exorcised lest they destroy from within.

I make no apologies for what you might read here.  I speak very frankly, sometimes harshly, at times drinking deeply from the well of vulgarity.   I will speak of anything, or anyone I choose, in the manner that I feel befits it or them at the time.   I will use this place to tell people things that I think they need to be told, and am unable or unwilling to do so in person for reasons of my own — whether I’m right or wrong.  The written word is a powerful tool, and is so much more precise than speech.

I will write to amuse and anger, harm and heal.  Mostly, it’s going to be complete, random bullshit.

If you are offended or upset by anything you read here, you have the ultimate solution available to you… stop reading!  Go somewhere else where the atmosphere is more suited to your delicate sensibilities.   It’s the utmost demonstration of free will.  I didn’t make you come here, and I’m sure as hell not holding a gun to your head to make you stay.  You’ve been warned and advised.

I do occasionally make some entries available for comment.  The same rules extend to those who choose to do so.

Since you’re here, kick your feet up and stay a while.  Just make sure they’re clean – I just vacuumed the medulla oblongata.

~ DmentD

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