Posted by DmentD | | Tuesday 2 September 2008 4:00 pm

Welcome to my own personal DmentiA.

DmentD — whose other personality is known by a different, more mundane name — is a strange fellow who lives in a sleepy little town called Austin in Texas.

DmentD is a jack of all trades but fancies himself a commercial/graphic artist, special-effects makeup artist, prop master, PC technician, network administrator and woodworker to name a few.   He is often prone to fits of humor, mostly unprovoked — some of which make absolutely no sense. Additionally, he has four brothers and one sister who also qualify for their own stylish straight jackets.

Why DmentiA?  Well, that is a derivative of an alias I developed a very long time ago… DmentD. DmentD was a name that best suited the way my mind works. I frequently think in a non-parallel fashion, and find that often my train of thought derails, or at least stops at an unscheduled station. I’m a bit bizarre, and oft times weird, but being a creative and artistic person, it can only help.

DmentiA is merely a manifestation of my mind, here, in digital form. Hold on tight, I think we’re pulling into another station… whoops, this isn’t one of my regular stops.

By the way, yes, DmentD is spelled that way on purpose. Lose the first and last ‘E’, and you’ve found me.

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